7. Service Consumption Summary

Service Consumption Summary Table
The Service Consumption Summary Table shows the customer's complete energy consumption information for each service the customer uses, as well as the date the customer's meter was read and the reading information from the previous billing cycle.
Service Consumption summary
Current Read Date The date on which the customer's meters were read.
Previous Read Date The date of the previous billing cycle's meter readings.
Meter Number The unique identification number of each meter. Wastewater is not metered; the consumption for wastewater is determined by the metered water consumption.
Service Displays the services billed.
Days The number of days in the current billing cycle.
Current Read The actual numerical reading displayed on the meter the date it was read.
Previous Read The actual numerical reading displayed on the previous billing cycle's read date.
Consumption The amount of units consumed between the current and previous reads. The meter's consumption determines the amount the customer will be charged for the billing cycle.
Units Displays the unit of measure used for each corresponding service. For explanation of the units of measurement Danville Utilities uses, visit the rate pages
Rate Displays the rate codes that denote the account's applicable rate schedule. For rate code questions call Billing at 434-799-5159.