Office of Children's Services (CSA Office)

Comprehensive Services Act for At-Risk Youth & Families

The Comprehensive Services Act for At-Risk Youth and Families (CSA) is a law enacted in 1993 that establishes a single state pool of funds to purchase services for at- risk youth and their families. The state funds, combined with local community funds, are managed by local interagency teams who plan and oversee services to youth.


The City of Danville CSA Office mission is to create, maintain, reform, renew and assess a collaborative, cost-conscious system of services that is child-centered, family-focused, and community-engaged when developing, determining, implementing and evaluating services provided to children and at-risk families in the Danville area, using the least restrictive service type, expeditiously and without prejudice, to promote sustainability, self-sufficiency and a positive impact for the children and families served.

About the CSA

What is the CSA program? (PDF)

The City of Danville CSA Program is administered based on the following values: integrity, accountability, responsibility, and fairness. For CSA to progress effectively and efficiently, the development of new policy, revision of old policy, and office process changes are implemented for the sole purpose of accountability, responsibility, and fairness.

CSA Brochure (PDF)

What Services Are Provided By CSA?

CSA provides a wide array of services to youth and families in the City of Danville. See a few examples of services provided:

  • Foster Care Services: Family Foster Homes, Treatment Foster Care Services Special Education Programs: Private Day Placement or Approved Services in Public Schools
  • Inpatient Treatment Services (for the following populations): Substance Abuse, Sex Offenders, Severe Psychiatric Needs
  • Community Based Services: Mentoring, Tutoring, After-school Recreation, In-Home Counseling, Emergency Shelter Placements, Behavioral Support Services, etc.

For more information, contact the CSA Office directly.

Danville Community Policy & Management Team (D-CPMT)

The D-CPMT coordinated agency efforts, manages the available funds, and sees that eligible youths and their families are referred for assessment as appropriate. D-CPMT duties include:

  • Develop interagency policies and procedures to govern the provision of services to children and families
  • Develop interagency fiscal policies governing access to the state pool of funds by the eligible populations including immediate access to funds for emergency services and shelter care
  • Coordinate long-range, community-wide planning that ensures the development of resources and services needed by children and families including consultation on the development of a community-based system of services
  • Establish policies governing referrals and reviews of children and families to the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) or a collaborative, multidisciplinary team process approved by the Council and a process to review the teams' recommendations and requests for funding
  • Establish policies to assess the ability of parents or legal guardians to contribute financially to the cost of services to be provided and, when not specifically prohibited by federal or state law or regulation, provide for appropriate parental or legal guardian financial contribution, utilizing a standard sliding fee scale based upon ability to pay
  • Manage funds in the interagency budget allocated to the community from the state pool of funds, the trust fund, and any other source
  • Authorize and monitor the expenditure of funds by each family assessment and planning team or a collaborative, multidisciplinary team process approved by the Council
  • Establish procedures for obtaining bids on the development of new services
  • Manage funds in the interagency budget allocated to the community from the state pool of funds, the trust fund, and any other source
  • Appoint FAPT members
  • Establish policies governing the referral of troubled youths and families to the FAPT
  • Authorize and monitor the expenditure of funds by the FAPT

Danville Office of Comprehensive Services (D-OCS) Task Force

The D-OCS Task Force is comprised of the CSA Coordinator, D-CPMT representatives, FAPT representatives, and stakeholders in the community. The D-OCS Task Force is charged with developing a 10-Year Strategic Plan for the Danville CSA Program.

The strategic plan will focus on the mission and purpose of CSA through creating goals and objectives conducive to creating a sustainable system of care.


To date, the D-OCS Task Force has five major goals:

  1. Promote, maintain and evaluate family involvement in IFSP development, implementation and evaluation.
  2. Optimize and maximize its knowledge and use of community resources.
  3. Adopt a "prevention-driven" identification model for service planning and provision with an emphasis on "pattern interruption".
  4. Actively initiate and utilize a "No Wrong Door" philosophy.
  5. Ensure child-centered and family-focused service recommendations are implemented properly and evaluated for effectiveness.

Community Involvement

The D-OCS Task Force welcomes and values community input.

If you are interested in serving on the D-OCS Task Force or would like more information about the Task Force, feel free to contact the CSA Office at 434-799-5207 or via email.