Prescription Medication Disposal

Prescription Medication Disposal
Prescription medication disposal can be a very confusing issue. For many years it was commonplace to leave it sitting in the medicine cabinet or simply throw it in the trash or flush it down the toilet, but these practices are now considered dangerous and are no longer advised. So what do you do with expired, unused, or unneeded medications?

Every year the Danville Police Department and its many community partners participates in the DEA's (Drug Enforcement Administration) Spring and Fall Prescription Take Back events in an effort to provide citizens with a safe means of prescription medication disposal. Increasing reports of prescription drug abuse, diversion, and overdoses have led to a rise in awareness activity from law enforcement and prevention advocacy coalitions around the nation. Danville is no exception and with that awareness a plan to accommodate citizens during the months between the bi-annual citywide collection dates was created.

Claire’s Project / Prescription Medication Drop Box
In the spring of 2013, the Danville Police Department was approached by an area high school student soliciting feedback on a community impact project.
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Claire Gray, a rising senior at Tunstall High School in Pittsylvania County, pitched the idea for a permanent prescription medication drop point to be available to area residents in an effort to combat prescription medication abuse and to provide a safer alternative to the commonplace flushing or general refuse disposal. Claire, a senior with aspirations of becoming a pharmacist, had previously volunteered at several local DEA Prescription Take Back events, and had compiled preliminary data on the need for a more permanent solution to medication disposal. Claire was introduced to RASAP, The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention and plans soon began forming to fund the project. Soon after, funding was provided with the help of RASAP and the Danville Police Department agreed to house and maintain the permanent medication drop point. As a result of Claire’s innovative thinking, financial assistance from a local prevention advocacy coalition and with support and administration from local law enforcement, “Claire’s Project” has become a reality.

Who - Who can use the Med Return drop box?
Any individual from the City of Danville or surrounding area.

What - What items are accepted?

Prescriptions - Prescription Patches / Prescription Medications / Prescription Ointments
Over the Counter - Medication Samples / Vitamins / Medications for Pets

What - What items are not accepted?
Hydrogen Peroxide / Inhalers / Aerosol Cans / Over the Counter Ointments, Lotions, or Liquids
Medications from Businesses or Clinics
Needles or Thermometers

Where - Where is the drop box located?

The Med Return drop box is located at the Danville Police Department across from the Property and Evidence Vault on the basement level.

When - When is the drop box available?
The drop box is available during the normal hours of operation for the City of Danville Municipal Building. (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., excluding holidays)

Why - Why do I need to dispose of my expired or unused medications?
Proper disposal will insure that your medications do not fall into the wrong hands. The wrong hands could be those of a child, a person who abuses medications, or a person not familiar with the effects. Proper disposal will reduce the opportunity of your items becoming part of the growing problem of over medication, abuse and overdoses. You may save a life!

Links of interest / Community Partners
RASAP / The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
DSO / Danville Sheriffs Office
DEA / Drug Enforcement Agency
VSP / Virginia State Police
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U. S. Food and Drug Adminsitration (Medication Disposal)