Mount Cross Road Improvements

The purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow, relieve congestion, and improve pedestrian facilities on Mt. Cross Road.
Mount Cross.JPG
Phase I design is to widen the existing 3-lane curb-and-gutter roadway section from Old Mount Cross Road to Parker Road to a 4-lane curb-and-gutter with raised median roadway section. A 10’ variable width sidewalk will be provided on the south side extending from Lowes Drive to Dimon Drive. The length of this section is approximately 2000’ long. The roadway will be realigned to meet current geometric standards. The intersection of Parker Road and Dimon Drive will be realigned to improve safety

As funding becomes available, Phase II final design can begin. Phase II is to widen the existing two lane shoulder ditch roadway section from Parker Road to the West Corporate Limits to a 5-lane curb-and-gutter roadway section with a two-way left turn lane. The length of this section is approximately 3300’ long.

Anticipated Schedule
The following schedule has been proposed:
  • Citizen Information Meeting and comment period – September 2014
  • Public Hearing – December 2014
  • Begin Right of Way Acquisition– Summer 2015
  • Advertisement –Spring 2016
  • Begin Construction – Summer 2016
Right of Way
As the design in further developed, additional easements and right of way may be required beyond what is shown in the preliminary plans. Property owners will be informed of the exact location of the easements during the right of way acquisition process and prior to construction.

Phase I Map
Phase II Map