FY 2020 City Manager's Proposed Budget

Below is the information regarding the City Manager's Proposed Budget. The City Manager's Proposed Budget is presented to City Council for review and modification. From this, the City Council Introductory Budget is presented to the public for comment. 

City Charter Reference: Chapter 8, Section 8-6
Date                Time Scheduled (subject to change)
March 28 
5:30pm              Special Budget Worksession: City Manager's Budget Presentation: Review of 5-Year Plan, Budget Highlights, Revenues, City Manager budgets, Constitutional/General Assembly Budgets, Support of Schools, Transfers/Support of Other Entities
April 2 7:00pm* City Council Meeting and Worksession: Economic Development Budget discussion is on the worksession agenda (Open and Closed meeting)
April 9 5:30pm Special Budget Worksession: Community Development, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Social Services, Public Works, Utilities 

Please note: This meeting will include a 5:30pm Closed Economic Development Worksession. Upon completion, the meeting will reconvene to open session for the Budget Worksession.
April 16 7:00pm* City Council Meeting and Worksession
April 23 5:30pm Special Budget Worksession: Parks & Recreation, Transportation, Fire, Police
May 7 7:00pm* City Council Meeting and Worksession
May 21              7:00pm* City Council Meeting and Worksession
*Regular Worksessions begin at the conclusion of the City Council Meeting


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