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In our ongoing effort to serve the citizens of the Dan River Region, beginning in January 2018, the Danville Police Department will provide a Crime Prevention Tip of the Month. On or about the second Wednesday of each month, a new tip will be added to the page to complete a total of 12 for the year. It is our hope and intention to provide readers with information on trending safety and crime issues and tips to avoid becoming a victim.

Please use these tips and other resources provided on our website to become better informed and better prepared.

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April 2018

 Distracted Driving 

Do you know…

  • Three out of four fatal crashes occur within 25 miles of the victim’s home.
  • Most crashes causing death or injury occur at speeds below 40 miles per hour!
  • Nearly 20% of Virginia drivers do not wear their seat belts.

Using a handheld device while driving is a leading cause of distraction-related crashes. Put the phone down and just drive.

Do you know…

  • Each day, 9 people are killed and over 1,000 are injured in crashes involving distracted driving.

(excerpted from Drive Smart Virginia)

Click here for a series of driving safety videos brought to you by Drive Smart Virginia

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