Social Distancing on the Trail


Parks and Recreation indoor facilities remain closed at this time; however, outdoor parks and trails are still open for use. Restrooms are closed, however, so plan your trip accordingly.

explore somewhere new

The Riverwalk Trail features 13 trailheads along the 13.1-mile route. Each trailhead includes parking and provides users the opportunity to distance themselves from others.

If you go to a section that appears to have a crowd, find a different section. The goal is to be able to use the trail while maintaining at least 6-feet of space from other users at all times.

Trailhead locations include:

  1. Ballou Park
  2. Robertson Bridge
  3. Trade Street
  4. Sandy Creek
  5. Biscuitville
  6. Union Street Overlook
  7. Danville YMCA (CLOSED)
  8. Main Street Plaza
  9. River Street
  10. Crossing at the Dan
  11. Dan Daniel Park Down RIver
  12. Dan Daniel Park Up River
  13. Anglers Park

Take the road less traveled

Along with the Riverwalk Trail, Danville Parks and Recreation has walking/hiking/biking trails at Anglers Park, Dan Daniel Park, and Ballou Park.

Take the opportunity to explore nature and escape from the crowds by hitting a nature trail.

Walk on the Bright Side

If you walk on the trail, in the park, or even at home, be sure to log your miles in our Walk on the Bright Side walking challenge.

Every mile you walk, combined with every mile someone else walks, helps us all to walk a little farther across the country!

Here’s a link to the challenge page.

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