Computer Lab

Computer lab use policy consists of the following guidelines as listed below. Any person found violating the lab rules or policies may lose their lab privileges.

  1. After school computer lab usage is for children 12 and under.
  2. Children visiting the lab must be under the direct and continuous supervision of an adult.
  3. Library cards are not required to access the computers in the Children’s Lab. Their adult may reserve a computer for them at the 2nd Floor Service Desk.
  4. Only one child per computer.
  5. All users of the Internet must adhere to the Library’s Internet Use Policy.
  6. The time limit for computer usage is 1 hour per session.
  7. The computer volume must remain muted. Please use your personal headphones/earbuds for sound. (Earbuds are available for purchase at service desks for $1.)
  8. Computer users, children not using computers, and parents are expected to keep sound and distractions to a minimum.
  9. The Library reserves the right to ask anyone to exit the lab or close the entire lab for any reason without notice.
  10. Printouts are $.10 for black and white and $.25 for color.

Computer Lab 2623