Department Policy

The mission of the Danville Police Department is to be engaged and responsive to the needs of the community through the delivery of professional police services and to enhancing the quality of life enjoyed by the residents of Danville. The department prides itself on providing a community based policing service to the residents and visitors of Danville. This commitment assures each citizen of Danville that the police will maintain constant vigilance over public safety and property, and, when necessary, the police response will be swift, unbiased, and scrupulously kept within the bounds established. The department encourages all police personnel to achieve and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, community engagement and professional conduct.

Members of this police department are the first "face" of government, which is seen by citizens and visitors. Officers are instantly given a vast amount of public respect, a matter not to be taken lightly. To be a progressive, effective and respected police force, members must serve with professionalism and exhibit our diversity, tolerance, and high standards in policing each day.   The Departmental Policy Manual clearly sets forth the limits of police conduct and the exercise of police powers for employees. The policies are designed to instill a high degree of public trust in the organization while providing fair and reasonable decisions, City Council policies, and other factors dictate. Never forget that our mission is to protect life and property, and courteously ensure and sustain the quality of life of those we serve. This is what is expected of each member of the Danville Police Department.

Key Policies

Policy Number Policy Name
Policy 100 Law Enforcement Authority
Policy 300 Use of Force
Policy 304 Conducted Electrical Weapon
Policy 320 Standards of Conduct
Policy 350  Duty to Intervene
Policy 401 Bias-Based Policing
Policy 409 Crisis Intervention Incidents