Current art pieces

The Danville Art Trail (DAT) is an 18-month exhibit of outdoor sculptures in public places, combined with murals, Victorian architecture, and points of interest. Art is located within a one-mile radius of the JTI Fountain at 111 Main Street in the vibrant River District of Danville, VA. The gallery below lists the current pieces featured in Danville along with information about each piece when available.  

Swallowtail II
John Parker

The forms from nature that Parker draws from for this sculpture are taken from insect life: segmented, hard-shelled bodies, robotic/armor coated, yet able to instantly take flight. The large scale of these otherwise small creatures comes from reality and fantasy of the prehistoric world.

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Richard Whitehill

Three moon shaped crescents rotate around each other in a delicate dance.

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Motion Light
Hanna Jubran

The sculpture depicts the motion in nature. The circular form can be interpreted as space and the Milky Way. The horizontal and vertical lines represent comets, gases, clouds, and heavenly objects. It expresses the universe from the micro to the macro. The interplay of shapes, forms, spaces, and colors change with the time of day and as you move around the piece. "Between nature and the sculpture, I am condensing time and space. They are ever expanding. I would like the viewer to gaze, interact and experience my sculpture," Jubran said.

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Fleur de Soleil
Tim Werrell

Fleur de Soleil is intended to represent the petals of a flower. The scale and massiveness will wow the viewer. It is grand and creates a kind of entry way into a garden or pathway. It is constructed of brass which is a soft, warm, and pleasing material in contrasts to stainless steel, aluminum or stone.

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Richard Alan Morgan

Morgan used primarily repurposed materials and weld, cut, and bend to create both functional and non-functional art. "I use various types of welding processes and can weld all types of materials from aluminum to carbon steel and stainless steel," Morgan said. "I also use plasma cutters, oxygen, and acetylene torches for cutting and bending."

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The Forest at Night
Charles Pilkey

The Forest at Night is an attempt to express the beauty and spiritual wonder of stars seen from within a forest.


Lawrence Feir

Mriya takes its name from the Ukrainian word for "dream."  The tall, recycled steel and glass kinetic sculpture is dedicated to the innocents who died or who were wounded at the hand of the Russian Military.  It is designed to withstand high winds, snow, ice, and water. A YouTube video about the sculpture can be found here.

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Furious Angel
Scott Strader

This piece has everything to do about tension and balance. "The clipped wing tips are the cause of the furious angel," Strader said.

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Concetta M. Wilson

Wilson declared art as their major in 2015 and since that declaration hasn't looked back. "Upon executing my first project, I had a sense of comfort that I was where I belonged," Wilson said. "Art came naturally to me, and I began to see myself flourish. My work is abstract, simple and minimal. I know that I wanted to sculpt, create ceramic pieces, paint and create digitally and I did just that."


Alloy 62
Scott Strader

This sculpture is Strader's interpretation of a 1927 and 1933 Pontiac hood ornament.


Scott Strader

Craftsmanship plays a large part in his work. Scott tries to fabricate from each piece to make it seem like it has been cast or poured as opposed to being welded.

City Hall Sculpture

The Inkwell
Wayne Vaughn

Vaughn fashioned this as an homage to handwriting. "Though we all benefit from the advances of technology, I feel handwriting still matters as it uses cognitive abilities that reinforce learning, memory recall, and is unique to each individual," Vaughn said.


Core Sprite
Adam Walls

This sculpture is part of a series that references imagery from sea life, life at a microscopic scale, and any life that springs forth or grows from its core.

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Oak Leaf Arch VII
Jim Gallucci 

An arch of large oak leaves that are swept overhead.

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