Doing Business with the City

How to Do Business with Danville

The intent of the City of Danville is to make vendor-City relations pleasant, professional, and profitable for both you and the City. Profit for the City means more purchasing power for every dollar spent. Specific instructions are published and available for each purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Division at 434-799-6528.

City of Danville Purchasing

If your business is to sell a service or a product, you can probably sell it to the City of Danville. Purchases are made through a detailed, comprehensive system of specifications and competitive bidding as outlined by the City's Procurement Code and State law. The system ensures the contract goes to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder who complies with our specifications.

The City of Danville has a centralized purchasing operation. All purchases go through the Purchasing Division. All bidders will be afforded equal opportunity to quote and to compete in all areas.

Vendors' List

A list of vendors is maintained by the Purchasing Division, according to the specific commodity or service. Vendors who wish to sell a commodity (PDF) or service to the City of Danville are asked to complete a Vendor's Application (PDF). In addition to being available online, applications may be mailed or faxed upon request. Completion of the form will place you on the City's bidders list. Vendors will be contacted when the commodity or service they provide is needed by the City.

Solicitation & Monetary Limits

The following price ranges determine the type of solicitation required:

  • Under $10,000: solicitation option at the discretion of the user department (PaymentNet MasterCard can be used)
  • $10,000 to $30,000: verbal or written solicitation; two or more vendors are preferred
  • $30,000 to $50,000: written solicitation (Request for Quotation); four vendors are required as a minimum
  • Over $50,000: formal solicitation (advertised bids) required for all equipment, materials, supplies, and services