Water Treatment

About the Water Treatment Plant
The Danville Water Treatment Plant produces high-quality drinking water with the Dan River as its source. The Plant has been upgraded and expanded several times since its original construction in 1874. The water treatment plant monitors and conducts tests hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly and annually to ensure the water is safe and of the highest quality.
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Employees are responsible for operating and maintaining nine water-pumping stations, two concrete reservoirs, and nine steel storage tanks. Complete records, including chemical and bacteriological results, are filed with the Virginia Department of Health and Department of Environmental Quality on a monthly basis. Danville's Water Treatment Service also operates and maintains the Industrial Water Treatment Plant, which has a capacity of three million gallons per day. For more information, contact Water Treatment at 434-799-6473.

The Division's Water Treatment Section is responsible for:
  • Purification, pumping, and storage of both potable and industrial water
  • Pumping station operation and maintenance
  • System and plant SCADA
  • System storage tank operation and maintenance
  • Bacteriological laboratory