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City of Danville’s Business Utility Grant Program

  1. Business Details
  2. (i.e. Restaurant, Retail, Service, Manufacturing)
  3. Applicant understands that this completed and signed application is only an application and does not constitute a commitment on behalf of the City of Danville to extend credit, grant and or loan funds.
  4. Required Documentation
    Please upload all required documentation for each program you are requesting funding. Incomplete application(s) or any missing documentation may delay processing your request.
  5. Utility Grant Application
    This requires 4 total files to be uploaded.
  6. Copy of your City of Danville Business License
  7. Copy of your completed and signed W-9
  8. Copy of your last utility bill with disconnection notice.
  9. Please fill out your email below to receive a copy of your submission.
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