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Citizen Comments for River District Design Commission

  1. Due to ongoing public health concerns related to COVID-19, the City of Danville is encouraging citizens to provide comments online using the form below. Due to the evolving nature of circumstances related to COVID-19, described activities and situations are subject to change at any time. Check back often for updates.
  2. Remaining consistent with traditional in-person meetings, each citizen has the opportunity to provide a comment during a public hearing for an agenda item.

    Public hearing remarks should not exceed 400 words, which is comparable to 3 minutes speaking.

    Comments submitted via this format will be collected and distributed to all commission members and published with the minutes of the April 9, 2020 River District Design Commission Meeting. Comments will be collected through April 9 at 10am.
  3. The following items are slated for public hearing on April 9, 2020
    1. Request a Certificate of Appropriateness at 400 Bridge Street to do the following:

    A total of 18 (six per floor) new 4’-0 x 4’-10 ½” aluminum storefront windows will be placed along the Southeast façade of the building, facing the adjacent parking lot. No windows are currently in this façade. On the North-West façade, facing Wilson Street, the existing corrugated metal wall will be removed, revealing the existing covered alleyway. In the opening, a new concrete stair and deck will be located with a wheelchair lift for accessible pedestrian entry into the building. A new rough-sawn wood-clad wall will divide the new entry from the new concrete loading dock on the Southeast side, and block the loading dock from the view of the street. Also along the North-West Façade, the two existing roll-up doors will be removed and the existing openings will be infilled with aluminum storefront. The mullion pattern will match the existing roll-up doors. DHR/NPS have approved all of these modifications.
  4. 2. Request a Certificate of Appropriateness at 122 Market Street to open previous windows currently bricked in. Install new windows of Aluminum or Fiberglass.
  5. 3. Request a Certificate of Appropriateness at 427 Patton Street to remove the brick portion of the chimney (Which is no longer in use) to the top of the parapet wall and cap the opening. Removal of the abandoned chimney will remove the safety issue of deteriorated brick pieces falling onto the roof and walking/driving surface and prevent water from continuing to enter the building.
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