How do I enter a display? 
Call Taylor at (434) 857-3384, if you would like to enter a display. 

Do displays have to be homemade?
Displays can be purchased or handmade. No inflatables are allowed. Lighted displays only.

Are there restrictions on who can decorate a display?
Any businesses, organizations, families, or individuals can build a display. A local 501-c3 non-profit must be designated as the recipient of the monetary donation if your group places in the Best in Show votes.

What is the size of the area in which we may build our display?
The size of your area depends on the spot in the park that you choose to decorate. Builders are encouraged to decorate the trees and bushes in the spot they pick.

How will we power the displays? 
Power boxes will be set up at designated areas in the park. If you display area is further than 100 ft from the box Parks and Recreation will provide a 100 ft extension cord. If your display is within 100 ft to the power box, leave an extension cord and staff will connect it to the power box. 

Is there a deadline to register for a display? 
November 29 is the deadline to register for a display.

When will the park be open to set up our display? 
You can start setting up your display on November 25 and it must be completed by December 5. There will be a test run of lights on December 6.

If my group volunteers to work the gate, how much money will they receive? 
Groups receive $4 from each vehicle that enters the show on the night the group works. A lottery drawing, among all groups volunteering, will be held to determine the night each group will work.

How is the "Best in Show" winner determined? 
Each vehicle receives a ballot and is asked to turn in their vote at the end of the show. There is one vote per vehicle. Votes are tallied up at the end of the show to determine the winners.

Who does the money for the "Best in Show" go to? 
Each builder designates a local non-profit organization that the money is awarded to if they place in the "Best in Show" vote. 

What happens if it rains?
The Community Holiday Light Show is open rain or shine. If there is extreme weather, closings will be announced on the Danville Parks and Recreation Facebook page and the Community Holiday Light Show Facebook Event page.

Do you accept credit cards? 
Yes, credit/debit cards are accepted at the gate and for ornament purchases. 

Where do I enter the Light Show? 
The Light Show entrance is on the Park Avenue side of Ballou Park. 

Can I volunteer at the Light Show? 
Groups/organizations can volunteer to work the gates and inside Children's Village. All volunteers are subject to a background check.

Can I walk through the lights? 
For safety reasons, only vehicles are allowed to drive through the show. Walking through is allowed during the Bark the Halls event on Wednesday, December 6 from 6 - 8 p.m.