Moving Towards the BrightSide 

The Danville Moving Towards the Bright Side program starts on National Take A Walk in a Park Day, March 31 and will continue until we travel to all 48 Contiguous states. Participants are encouraged to log their miles walked here daily no matter where they are taken. Parents, log your kids’ miles too; this is a challenge for everyone of all ages. 

Miles can be logged in your neighborhood, on the Riverwalk Trail, school tracks, county roads, your driveway, a treadmill, anywhere you can think of! The Riverwalk Trail in Danville has 13 trailheads, follow this link to see the map and locations. Also, you do not have to be a resident of Danville to participate. This program is open to anyone!

May is National Bike Month. Miles completed on a bicycle indoors or outdoors can be counted as well as walking and running miles. 

How far have we traveled? Posts will be made on our Facebook page highlighting the different towns we travel to as well as a list below. 

Convert Your Steps into Miles
To track your steps, there are many free apps and services available. Pacer, Fitbit, GoogleFit, and MyFitnessPal are a few of the free apps to download on iOS or Android phones. If you have a pedometer and need to convert your steps to miles, here is a free website,