Short Term Rentals  

A Short Term Rental is defined as Any furnished residential-property that provides sleeping accommodations for monetary compensation for thirty (30) or fewer consecutive days. This definition specifically excludes other businesses licensed with the City or State like bed and breakfast establishments, hotels, and motels. 

Operation of a Short Term Rental requires a City of Danville business license and a zoning clearance for each rental address.

Steps for approval

  1. Review zoning and rental regulations to determine compliance and type of use. 
  2. If the Short Term Rental is the principal use of structure then a Special Use Permit is necessary. | Application
  3. A Certificate of Occupancy  is necessary and is obtained from the Department of Community Development - Division of Building Inspections.  | Rental Checklist (PDF)
  4. Zoning Clearance must be issued for each rental address.  Zoning Clearances are issued by the Division of Planning and Zoning.  | Application (PDF)
  5. City of Danville Business License is issued by the Commissioner of the Revenue.  | Application Information

  1. Antonio Furman

    STR Technician