Office Accreditation

In November 2006, the Danville Sheriff's Office became accredited through the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC). Less than 15% of the 400 law enforcement agencies of Virginia have attained VLEPSC accreditation. The City of Danville is one of only three jurisdictions in Virginia whose Sheriff's Office and Police Department are accredited by VLEPSC.

Accreditation Seal

The Danville Sheriff's Office began the accreditation process in 2005. Captain R.F. Horne, Accreditation Manager, led his Accreditation Team through the diligent process of creating and maintaining accurate department files and documentation.

The accreditation process includes standards that must be met by the agency in order to remain accredited. The professional standards have become a routine way of operations for the Sheriff's Office.

Standards & Goals

To achieve accreditation, agencies must meet the 187 standards set forth by the commission. The VLEPSC consists of members of the Virginia Sheriff's Association, Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. These standards reflect the utmost professionalism and dedication of law enforcement agencies.

The Commission's goals are:

  • To promote public confidence in law enforcement
  • To promote cooperation among agencies
  • To ensure proper training for law enforcement personnel
  • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by law enforcement