Police Chaplain

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chaplain is to address the needs of police officers by providing a listening ear, supportive presence, individual counseling, or effective referral. Our trained and certified chaplains understand the unique environment of law enforcement and can provide specialized guidance, counseling, and assistance when called upon.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to uphold those who uphold the law. Our core values are perception, integrity, confidentiality, and excellence.

Our police chaplains attend periodic roll calls, participate in ride-alongs, and are notified when any officer is injured, experiences a prolonged illness, or is hospitalized. Chaplains also offer their services to officers involved in cases of suicide, homicide, death notifications, fatal accidents, major disasters, and any other situation in which the presence of a chaplain may be requested.

No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens than today's law enforcement officer. The police chaplain is aware of the fact that a police officer's job is an extremely difficult one, being constantly in the presence of danger and under pressure and scrutiny. Because these burdens also affect the officer's family and other members of his or her department, the chaplain is also available to the officer's family and co-workers as required. The police chaplain strives to create a relationship with officers such that they feel free to approach the chaplain for counsel at any time without fear of judgment or reprisal.