Once I have reported an outage, what steps do you take?

Once an outage report is received, a ticket will be created. The tickets are sent to operations and a field technician is dispatched to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. If the repair cannot be done by the field technician, then a line crew will be called out to make repairs.

Repair Process

When widespread outages occur, line crews are first assigned to make repairs based on restoring power to the greatest number of customers in the shortest time. As lines are repaired and crews become available, they are assigned to areas with fewer outages. Sometimes your circuit may be among the first repaired, and other times not.

When there is a delay in restoring your power, we appreciate your patience. Customers should note that during the power restoration effort there are times when crews must temporarily shut off power to an area to make repairs. Once major lines serving a neighborhood are repaired, power may be on at some houses and off at others because of additional damage to lines and equipment serving those homes.

Some houses have electric service when others don't because houses may be on different lines or circuits.

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